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If you don't enjoy or aren't even curious about rimming (licking a guy's ass) then this page isn't for you.
I personally get off more on rimming a cute butt, than getting rimmed.

It's common sense, to make sure that your partner is clean down there before you dig in :-)

Position is the key to doing an effective job here. Just as the 69 position is popular with a lot of people for blowjobs - the 69 position is the best, and my favorite, for rimming.
I find it very erotic to have my partner straddle my face with his ass with his body facing my legs. This allows me the most access to his butt. A little like this.

When in this position a lot of guys are tempted to lean forward and try to rim you or suck your cock at the same time. When your partner does this to you his butt rotates up and you have to strain your neck and tongue trying to reach it. To avoid this tell him to sit up, but also he should support some of his weight, otherwise you might have too much of a good thing in your face and you may find it difficult to breathe. Picture of a Guy Getting Rimmed If you want him to suck your cock while rimming him, then use your legs to lift your hips upward. This should bring your crotch close enough to his mouth for him to suck on you.

If your partner insists on rimming you at the same time, and your back is pretty flexible, ask him to use his hands to grab your legs by the backs of your knees, and lift your ass in the air and closer to his mouth. He should be able to rim you without leaning over too much.

Another good position for rimming your partner is for him to be on all fours, or even better, flat on his stomach with his legs spread widely apart. Then you can really go to town on him :)
When it comes to rimming it helps to have a lot of dexterity with your tongue. The deeper your push your tongue the better it feels. The slicker you make your partner's ass the easier it is for you. Use your hands to spread his butt cheeks apart. An interesting experience for your partner may be to get hummed.

Humming is pushing your face into his ass, with your tongue probing his hole, and then moaning/humming out loud. A lot of guys probably haven't experienced this kind of vibration. Try it sometime. When rimming a guy, playfully lick, gently bite his ass cheeks. Squeeze them with your hands, feel their texture.
Don't overlook the miracle inch. This is the area between the base of his balls and his asshole. For a lot of guys this is a super hypersensitive area. Try giving it a good tongue bath. Fingers can be a mixed proposition. If you are going to finger your partner's ass while rimming him, make sure that both - your finger and his asshole - are slick with saliva, otherwise he may resist.

The skin on your fingers is usually a lot rougher than you think. So having a finger up there might not always feel good.

If you're rimming a guy who is a complete top - it may be a big turn off for him to have a finger, or anything, up his ass. Though if your partner is versatile or a bottom, he may enjoy a finger or two, or five *grin*. You'll have to ask him to find out. Also fingernails may cause snags so be careful.

Rimming is one of those acts, that's become a main stream fetish. If your partner has never been rimmed before - encourage him to give it a go and see how he feels. Chances are he'll love it.

Don't necessarily expect him to return the favor. There is still a very large number of prissy guys out there that are squeamish about licking another guy's ass. Considering that a good shower is still the most effective precaution against anything unsavory, I have to say that they are the ones with a problem and are missing out - not you.
Have fun!

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