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Some day we need to look at the invisible chains we hear each day and see them for what they are. Only when you realize you are not free can you attempt to free yourself.

For America is NOT free. We suffer under oppressions we believe to be just. We ask for these infringement upon our rights without regard for our personal liberties or safety. We have chosen to bind ourselves in the chains of an oppressive government. There is no one to blame but us. However, there is still hope for a peaceful Revolution.
And should we fail in our final push for freedom, may the shackles you find upon your body rest as lightly as those currently clasped upon your soul and mind.

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Who Would The World Elect?

People, we are living in a time of war - not a war for our freedom, but a war to live, as citizens of a free nation.
During the last few administrations our rights have been vandalized by those in power. They have sought to undermine our constitutional rights, abolish our freedoms, and establish a government that no longer obeys the checks and balances placed forth in the Constitution.

The Declaration of Independence says that it is the responsibility of the people to stand against an oppressive government.

The time has come to stand.

There is ONE man running for President that seeks to restore the constitutional rights that have been stripped from us.

This man is Rep. Ron Paul.
I ask that you rise and stand beside him; be proud, free, and American. Do what you can for your country before your country dissolves forever.

Ron Paul Stamps

Ron Paul's support keeps growing, but there's still a LOT to do. The first thing you should think about doing if you support Ron Paul is to register as a republican so you can vote for him in the primaries. This isn't a requirement in every state (some have "Open Primaries"), but it is in most of them. If you're in doubt, register republican or do some research on your own. You can change your party affiliation immediately following the primaries if you loathe the thought of being labelled as a republican.
We're still making signs and banners! Spreading awareness is still goal #1!

1) Join Meetup Groups within your area to see what aspects of promotion are being covered, and what areas you can help out with! Just enter your ZIP code;

2) If you want to Bring Banners and Signs, you can find some at OR... You can even make your own =D

3) Donate if you believe. In Q2 Ron Paul rose more money than McCain... Without the contributions of any large companies or lobbyists.
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