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Congressman Ron Paul at the Fourth GOP Presidential Debate (Answers only - for the complete questions, see the 2 larger videos below)

Ron Paul and Sean Hannity Spar (09/05/07)

For a more flushed out video - with the questions and more of Mike Huckabee, I offer these;

During tonight's debate, Ron Paul was asked the fewest amount of questions, and when he answered, the moderators tried to spin his answers and make him sound bad simply because he is the only Republican against the Iraq war and the future invasion of Iran.

The "top tier" candidates were laughing at his comments about individual freedom and negotiating rather than invading.

After the debate, viewers could text in their vote as to who won the debate. When Ron Paul dominated with 35% of the vote, Fox tried to play it off that it was just a small group of Ron Paul supporters texting over and over again on their phones.

After Sean Hannity's invitation to "stack the ballot" a few people took it upon themselves to try:

No dice. Oh well. I guess that 33% Ron Paul won with wasn't fake.
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