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The civil flag of the United States of America a symbol that once stood for the founding concepts of this country. Those concepts defined in the Declaration of Independence were that every man had a right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness namely the rights to own property and contract with it freely.
The Declaration of independence also defined the purpose of government to protect these rights by gaining power from the consent of the governed.
These rights were to be secured to each man born in the United States.
In constitution, in the preamble it states that in order to secure the blessings of liberty, the constitution has been established for the people of the united states of America; the constitution being a document limiting the powers of government.

But what is liberty?

The most fundamental concept of liberty is the concept of self-ownership; that you own your life.
This concept means that your life, liberty, and path to happiness are yours and yours alone.
No other person may tell you how to live your life, infringe upon your liberty, nor dictate to you what your path to happiness may be, nor can you choose this path for another.

The U.S. Code (Federal Law) makes it a federal crime to deprive another of their unalienable rights of life, liberty, property, contract, or any other right or privilege outlined in the Constitution of the United States.

In order to help define liberty so as to not inadvertently infringe upon the rights of another, we use basic definitions to define what it is that each person has by relating it to their time on Earth.

To lose your life is to lose your future.
To lose your liberty to be imprisoned is to lose your present.
To lose the product of your life and liberty you have lost the past that you used to produce it.

The product of your life the time in your past - and liberty is your property; the fruit of your labor.
This is an accumulation of your time, energy and talents that you have used in the past to create what you have in the present.

The only way for property to be exchanged is through mutual consent any other manner is theft from the other party through either an unacceptable contract or by taking the property of another without their knowledge.
If an exchange of property is not mutually agreed upon, it will not take place as one of the parties would rightfully refuse this exchange.

Any time there is an initiation of force or fraud it is a a crime.

The initiate of force to take LIFE is Murder,
And to take PROPERTY is THEFT.
It does not matter if this is an act of an individual, an act of a group against another, or the act of elected officials acting for the benefit of society.
The U.S. Code makes it a crime for police or government agent to deprive anyone of their unalienable or protected rights, or privileges outlined in the constitution using color of the law basically any law that would violate these rights, or act in any manner contrary to respecting the rights of the citizens.
It is also a federal crime for multiple persons or agencies to conspire against the rights of an individual.

Even though you have no right to initiate force against anyone or any group, you DO have the right to defend yourself should another person, group, or agency attempt to deprive you of your life, liberty, or property.
You also have the right to ask others to help defend you against this unlawful initiation of force.

You do NOT have the right to ask another person, group, elected official, or police officer to initiate force against another person on your behalf.
The police may ONLY use force in the defense against an initiation of force against another person.

The 2nd amendment of the constitution prohibits any law infringing our rights to bear arms.
This amendment was written to ensure that the people would always be protected from the initiation of force by the state.
You have the right to seek leaders for yourself, but you have no right to impose rulers onto others.

Looking at our initiation of force in Iraq, depriving the people of their rightful leader no matter what our personal beliefs about their leader may have been and forcing them to accept leaders we have chosen for them to pick from, violates the concepts of liberty.
Liberty cannot be spread by force and imposed upon others as this is the opposite of giving them liberty.

No official can be granted any right that you do not have yourself.
Any official is still a human being and is incapable of accepting any authority that will give them claims to another's life, liberty, or property.

It does not matter how they come into power, what their title is, or how many people support them any act against another person or group's life, liberty, or property is still murder, enslavement, and theft.

The drug laws are a perfect example of laws that are colored that are invalid as these laws prohibit the ownership of property and violate our right to contract. These laws have slowly increased the powers of police to violate our other rights privacy, further property right infringements through seizures where the state keeps the property even if there are no charges pressed against the person the property was stolen from.
As the constitution protects our liberty, any law making it illegal to own property is in conflict with the constitution these law are invalid. Any enforcement of these laws is punishable under U.S. Code Title 18 Chapter 13 sections 241 and 242.

Since you own your life you are responsible for what you do with your your life.
You are not required to do any job; accept pay for your life time and efforts, if you do not want to do that job. You are always free to go elsewhere to seek employment.
You are also free from the chains of enslavement and cannot be forced to do anything against your will.

Following orders does not give you the right to violate the liberties of another person as was determined in the Nuremberg Nazi trials. This is not an adequate defense.

You alone are responsible for your actions and choosing your own goals and values.

Only by succeeding and failing in your pursuit of happiness can you learn and grow.
For the state, through any law or statute to deprive someone of their unalienable rights of liberty and pursuit of happiness by limiting their choices, is in direct violation of the concepts of liberty and as liberty is a protected right under the constitution, these statues and laws are invalid.

As virtue can only exist where there is freedom of choice, a society is only virtuous when it does not inhibit the freedom to choose ones goals and values. A society cannot be free without granting the individual the freedom to choose for himself.

As you have seen so far, any time there is an initiation of force, there is a crime being committed.
We have also seen that it does not matter who or what is initiating this force; be it one person or the government of a nation.

The problems of the world have a simple solution people need to stop asking the government officials to initiate force/commit crimes on their behalf.
It does not require evil people to create evil rulers good people who tolerate the initiation of force by their leaders begin to accept this initiation of force as common place, and create the evil rulers themselves.

As Americans, WE are ALL guilty of allowing President Bush to unlawfully initiate force against other sovereign nations.

Only by having confidence in, and implementing a free market without governmental oversight and regulation within its borders, where supply and demand will determine some thing's value, will a society become free.
Failing to do so only leads to chaos, disorder, civil disobedience, and violates the rights of the people by attempting to impose some vision or goal upon them by using governmental force.
Once the idea that the government can think for its citizens is established, liberty has become extinct.

If we wish to regain our nation, to realize the founding father's intentions of giving us a free society, we need to start thinking for ourselves, speaking out against unlawful governmental initiation of force, and act to stop the government from committing any more crimes.
Stop empowering the illegal government we have created by complacently doing nothing.

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