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Iowa - part 2. The Ames Straw Poll.

(For the ICA/IFTR event, click here.

Ron Paul placed 5th with over 9% of the votes. Some people may see this as a weak performance. For an "Internet ONLY" phenomenon that was expected to poll in the sub-2% range, this is a small victory - and proof that his message is being well accepted by those that hear it.

While it's well known that Mitt Romney bought his votes, completely skewing the results of the poll, let's look at things a little differently;
Which candidate actually got the most bang for his buck, or should we say time spent campaigning in Iowa?

17 days in Iowa Ron Paul(1) received 76.76 votes per campaign day

04 days in Iowa F. Thompson(2) received 50.75 votes per campaign day

89 days in Iowa M. Romney(3) received 50.74 votes per campaign day

70 days in Iowa M. Huckabee(4) received 36.95 votes per campaign day

66 days in Iowa T. Tancredo(5) received 29.71 votes per campaign day

115 days in Iowa S. Brownback(6) received 19.06 votes per campaign day

26 days in Iowa Guliani(7) received 7.03 votes per campaign day

The Big loser is Brownback who spent 115 days in Iowa and ended up with a third place finish.
The real winners here appear to be Fred Thompson and Ron Paul who did very little campaigning in Iowa.

Since I'm a Ron Paul fanatic (and you should be - he's the only anti-war, anti-illegal government, PRO-FREEDOM, TROOP SUPPORTING, Liberty loving candidate running! - here's the video of his speech from the campaign.

Please take the time to ask questions, make comments, or show your support in the Forums and chat room.

The final stage of every successful revolution is that you WIN."

Keep the revolution moving.

We're well on our way to victory!

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