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As it says in this video, the war is on.
I raise my weapon of choice - a simple document reminding those who seek to oppress my friends, family, and myself that they do not have this authority. The battle of wills and ideals is being waged as you sit helplessly each night watching the news... or your favorite show. The battles continue as you go to work with your eyes and minds closed. The truth is no longer spoken in the classrooms nor break rooms. But it is time to speak out.
It is my most sincere hope that these united states of America can once again become the great beacon of liberty that they once stood for.
I hope, even more, that the people will demand their criminal government step down and peacefully restore this nation to the people - its rightful owners - and the sovereign with rights that supersede any power of government rule gifted to the government by the Constitution.
I am willing to lift these words to anyone that will hear them. I am not governed through my consent. I am not governed by the people.
I am governed by a criminal element that has usurped the rights of the citizenry and converted them into privileges. And I will not sit idly by while this war wages on.

The words below are a Second Declaration of Independence - a reminder that WE, THE PEOPLE are the true sovereign.
Treason can only be committed against a sovereign entity.
Calling for the immediate disbursement of the Federal Government is not a request... nor a threat... nor an act of treason.
It is a lawful demand of the sovereign for the public servant to immediately cease and desist in all of its unlawful operations.
A brief list of crimes follows, along with the remedies sought, and the reasoning for this demand.
It is my hope that the people will stand with me, raise their voices of discontent, and demand their liberty be restored to them.
If you agree with what is written below, please sign on this page to let the world know that you will no longer stand for oppression.
United, we will regain our country.
Divided, we will fall one by one into the hands of our oppressors until there is no one left to stand against them.
At that point, they will round up you - few people who remain out of their custody in the false belief that you are free.
The German's did not heed the warnings until it was too late.
Hitler rose to power in a democracy. Voting didn't help Germany become free of the Nazis.
The people believed they could change things by voting differently the next time, and they were wrong.
Please, do not let history repeat itself here.

The Reminder of Independence of the Sovereign

The course of human events has once again led us into a time of great turmoil, where we are faced by threats to our sovereignty, not by a foreign King or country seeking to rule us through some ill conceived divine right, but by the government we created through privileges derived of our own rights, a government created to protect us from these great wrongs. Since our privileged government has become destructive of the rights they were tasked with protecting, the time has come, once again, for the people to terminate the contract with their government in order to ensure our continued sovereignty, well being, and the retention of our unalienable rights.

When this nation was created through the Constitution, all men were created equal; sovereign individuals who owned themselves whose rights were superior to all else. Each meeting of men was a meeting equal to that of a meeting of kings; true rulers of their own lives and bodies, a meeting of truly free men. A republic was established wherein the rights of one man could not be abridged by another, or even the combination of all other men in this nation voting for, or choosing to take those rights away. These principles established a free society where the majority may rule only so long as the rights of every individual were superior to any act done in the name of the common good, majority, public safety, or other term coined to justify the crimes against a group outside the majority.

The founders created a government amongst themselves, not based on their desire to be ruled, but because they believed it to be a necessary evil in order to ensure that the equality of each sovereign citizen of this new land be preserved throughout the generations. They feared that the government may one day seek power over the rights of the people and established certain protections to ensure this did not happen. These protections were written into the Constitution and fortified with the Bill of Rights.

The founding fathers were very clear in their intentions; to create a privileged government ruling by the consent of the people, inferior to the rights of each individual, while working to protect these rights from international threats, and ensuring that all citizens would have equal access to legal recourse should their rights be violated.

Those protections have failed.

Congress has passed acts which establish corporate personhoods and collective groups with interests or rights superior to the rights of the individual citizens in violation of their established purpose; to protect the rights of the individual.

Congress has passed malum prohibitum acts, acts which ban the free exercise of certain of our unalienable rights in violation of the Constitution.

Congress has deferred its delegated powers to other entities, as well as entities inside other branches of the Federal Government thus dismantling the balance of powers established in the Constitution.

Congress has gone against the public opinion and Constitutional grants of power to fund pre-emptive strikes against sovereign nations without establishing a threat to our national sovereignty, and without declaring war.

Congress has used distortion of the truth and subterfuge to pass spending bills and laws that no conscionable person could ever imagine, let alone vote for. It is commonly known that the bills passed through congress are no longer read. By failing to vote according to their knowledge of its contents, rather relying upon the emotional appeal of the title of a bill, Congress has failed to protect the rights of the citizenry.

Congress has usurped the authority of the people by seeking to redefine and reinterpret the limitations placed upon it by the Constitution. By doing so, Congress has established itself as above the law of the land; the Constitution that all members swore to uphold.

For these and other crimes against us, we, the sovereign citizens of these united states of America hereby disband Congress, both the House and Senate, strip all members of all titles, powers, and privileges garnished by their participation in either chamber. All members of either chamber, past and present, shall cease receiving benefits derived from their time in office that is over and above the commonly established welfare. Criminal charges shall be brought upon every member still alive to determine by jury trial if they were individually complicit in the crimes against the sovereign rights of the individual citizens through their voting record under U.S. code title 18 Chapter 13 sections 241 and 242, as well as any other applicable law.

The Executive branch has committed similar crimes against the sovereign people of this nation.

They have led us to attack sovereign nations without a Congressional declaration of war in violation of the good faith of the citizens of this nation.

They have signed the unconstitutional acts of Congress into law.

They have usurped the authority and rights of the people by issuing signing statements that are in direct violation of their Constitutional grants of authority.

They have repeatedly failed to curtail the unconstitutional acts of Congress, acting in concert with them to achieve greater authority over the sovereign than the Constitution allows for.

For these and other crimes against us, we, the sovereign citizens of these united states of America hereby disband the offices of President, Vice President, and all inferior offices of the executive as established either through Constitutional grants of authority, or outside those grants. The current administration, at all levels, shall be tried by a jury to determine if any acts committed by each person through their privileged office of authority, using powers either directly granted to that office or not, criminally deprived any individual of their unalienable rights under color of law. Any acts against the rights of the people by use of government privilege will be punished under U.S. code title 18 Chapter 13 section 241 and 242, as well as any other applicable law.

The Judiciary has committed similar crimes against the sovereign people of this nation.

They have failed utterly to protect the citizens from the steady encroachment of their rights by invalidating the unconstitutional acts passed by congress. Instead, they have relied upon errors in court procedure to relieve those complaining of mistreatment while condemning the rest of the citizenry to suffer under the fascist authoritarian laws.

They have reinterpreted the Constitution to allow for the expansion of the Commerce Clause to reach every level of every citizen's life in violation of their Constitutional purpose, and often contradicting their own rulings in favor of governmental authority at the cost of individual liberty.

They have failed utterly to enforce the balance of powers established by the Constitution and have aided both Congress and the Executive in their quest for power by ruling against the rights of the individual.

They have failed to protect the rights of the individual from special interest groups and corporations by allowing a slow progression to corporate personhood, wherein the rights of the individual are abrogated by the claimed necessity of the corporation.

They have failed to bring justice equally by creating procedural rules that deprive the common man of a fair and meaningful trial, while rewarding those with the resources to purchase their way out of punishments due to procedural errors derived from the unnecessary rules established.

They have deprived the people of their rights by taking these rights and making rules against the free exercise of these rights, in violation of their Constitutional purpose. Examples include the right to a fair trial, the right to represent one's self by appointing representation to all defendants, the right to assistance of counsel by appointing representation to all defendants rather than permitting a defendant to represent themselves with the assistance described in the 6th amendment, the right to demur in all cases by the creation of Rule 12 (1).

For these and other crimes against us, we, the sovereign citizens of these united states of America hereby disband the Federal Judiciary in its entirety. The Supreme Court justices and the Justices of the lesser Federal Courts either currently sitting, or still alive, shall be placed on trial by jury to determine if their positions or actions in their respective position of privilege were in violation of the Constitution as written and explained by the founders. Any rulings against the rights of the people in favor of government privilege will be punished under U.S. code title 18 Chapter 13 section 241 and 242, as well as any other applicable law.

Other general complaints include acts of defiance; treasonous acts against the sovereign people of this nation by those swearing to protect them.

Under the proclaimed act of "protecting" the American people, the government has undermined the very rights they were to be protecting.

Under the proclaimed act of "regulation" the government has undermined the very property rights they were to be protecting.

Our government has also failed to respect the sovereignty of foreign nations and has, through criminal deception of the American people, led us into unfounded conflicts with our siblings and friends around the world.

Our government has squandered away the wealth of this nation in an attempt to police the world and build an empire. This is inconsistent with the powers granted to the government by the Constitution, and is an act of treason against the sovereign people.

Our government has failed utterly in its stated purpose; to protect the rights of life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness for each person. With each violating act passed, signed, or ignored by the judiciary, this privileged government has committed treason against the sovereign American people.

Our government has failed utterly in its protection of all people regardless of their personal beliefs, races, creeds, or origins. This is in violation of the most basic of human rights, and cannot be tolerated by a government that is answerable to the people.

These failures can mean only that the government no longer has any interest in protecting the rights of those it has been tasked to protect, but has become willfully destructive of these rights. As stated in the original Declaration of Independence, we the people retain the right and duty to alter or abolish our government when it becomes destructive of the rights of the sovereign.

As this privileged government has failed in its intended purpose, and provides no other voluntary or necessary services and can claim no other purpose, it is the intent and will of the sovereign American people that this government be abolished and created anew.

This list of wrongs is by no means inclusive of all the evils done in the name of peace, liberty, and justice, but they establish firmly the grounds for our actions.

We would like to make it clear that it is not our estrangement with the currently elected officials that has forced our hand in this matter, but our dissatisfaction with the inherent flaws in the system that we feel must be addressed outside of the currently established channels for change. There has been a steady encroachment upon our liberties and rights by our constitutionally established government over the last two and a half centuries. At this time, we feel the need to dissolve the established government completely in order to eliminate the unconstitutional powers that have been taken over the years. We cannot do so effectively with the limited powers we have left. As such, we are resorting to our final measure; reclaiming our sovereign powers and resetting the Constitution, re-establishing the government so that we may eliminate our previous errors in doctrine and vigilance, and to ensure our continued freedom.

As we, the people, are the sovereign, the rulers of this great land, we hereby revoke all privileged authority of the Federal Government and abolish it utterly. During the transition phase between the current government and the government yet to be established by a revised and amended Constitution, the state governments will remain to keep the peace and ensure the continued flow of commerce which our society has come so heavily to rely upon. Once a national government has been re-established, it shall have its initial task be to ensure that all rights of the people are protected from the governments of the collective states making up the union.

We, the people of these united states of America, petition our brothers and sisters around the world to harbor our troops and civilians currently in your countries until we can safely bring them home, or their vacations have ended. We have wronged you in the past, as we have wronged ourselves by not staying vigilant against the steady encroachment of our rights. We ask for your forgiveness and thank you for your assistance during this time of unrest and restoration.

All American military acts around the world are to cease immediately. All troops stationed outside the physical boundaries of American soil are to return to their assigned bases and take up defensive postures, or return to American soil without any acts of aggression or violence towards the people of the land you occupy. We petition the world for peace for our men and women on those bases until we are capable of returning them to our country, and return the land we have taken from you to build the aforementioned bases.

You can rest assured that the return of your land is one of the primary goals of the people of these united states of America.

This document embodies the will of the sovereign, free people, citizens of the great land in which we proudly reside, be it through divine intervention or happenstance. We solidly stand upon our rights as sovereign individuals, with natural rights superior to any act or whim of a ruling class or government, as defined in the founding documents of what we will again make the great nation of these united states of America.

So signed,