People, we are living in a time of war - not a war for our freedom, but a war to live, as citizens of a free nation.
Recently, Huricane Katrina whiped out the majority of the Gulf Coast in Mississippi and Louisiana, and our government has done NOTHING to help those stuck there. According to THIS REPORT they have been actively HALTING efforts to aid those in need. The red cross has had over 500 million dollars donated in the last week, yet there is no sign of their aid.
Why are those left suffering this injustice? Money and power. Names such as Haliburton come up yet again, given contracts to rebuild without anyone else putting in a bid. There are more articles in the links section you can browse through. Enough is enough.

People are just now begining to speak out - asking about 9/11 and if WE were actually responsible. This link goes to a website meant to inform people about things the mass media does not cover. It's odd though that they have an article reprinted from the Washington Times as well as a link to that article.

And that article talks about what exactly? Morgan Reynolds, the Former Chief Economist under President Bush openly attacking the "official" story about 9/11, and expresses his doubts as to its authenticiy. He also suggests that a government cover up is still strongly in effect preventing the truth from getting out.

I haven't updated this page, mearly added to it, but I plan to change that soon. For now I'll let this be another site advocating the truth, but I don't intent to stop there. We need to take action, and spreading the truth is not going to be enough over time.

Concerned citizens, it’s time for a call to action, a time to quit denying ourselves our rights and freedoms, and time to stop admitting defeat at the hands of a government that oppresses us, a time to stand up for our right to live, unmolested in a land of freedom; not a land of fear.

The actions of the Federal Government over the last few years are unforgivable; be it either through in-action or treasonous actions, we have moved ever further from a democratic form of government to a tyrannical fascism. If the government continues unchecked we will soon be a society of terrified servants and nothing more.

It is time for you to wake up and take hold of your future, your lives, and your safety. I come to you, in the currently supported medium of the internet to ask for your help and support.

This is YOUR country, YOUR nation, and it is YOUR right to chose the path we are about to take.

The country is on the brink of war – not the war over seas, but a civil war brought about by ignorance and fear. We are at a breaking point where we have the option to resolve our problems before they get to this point, or we can continue with our in-action, our complacent attitude that the world will go on and it is not our problem and face the war that hangs over our heads.

This website is spawned off of a seething rage that has been building inside me since 9/11/01. The first thought that ran through my head was, “We did this.” Not, “we let it happen…” not, “we’re being attacked…” but, “WE did THIS!” The evidence surrounding the 9/11 events point heavily towards our government’s hands. But this is just one action that’s fueled this fire, one brief moment in the past that the current administration wants you to forget. Why? Not to heal and move on, but to clear the public’s prying eyes from the event in the hopes that the truth never comes out.

You don't have a CHOICE to hear the truth... But you should. You’re being lied to by the media and the Govt. and it's WRONG! It's OBVIOUS if you open their eyes and question things you’re told. If you try to match up the varying accounts of what happened on 9/11 and the photo/video evidence you’ll see the major gaps in the story. You’ll realize that the Govt. made an immediate move to silence the witnesses of the events and the media moved away from the story and onto the war before any type of investigation was possible.

This isn’t going to be an easy transition, but it is a necessary one.

The truth may hurt, but ignorance is killing...